Spiced Italian Custard over Summer Berries

spiced italian custard served over berries in a glass square dish garnished with mint, blackberries and raspberries served next to an open jar of sugar and spice dipper

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Spiced Italian Custard Over Summer Berries

The Italians nailed it with this easy to make, classic custard dessert; but, we took it to the next level with the simple addition of our Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Shaker. Great because it can be made early and chilled or made quickly and served fresh. A favorite for last minute desserts and amazing during any season!
Prep Time:  10 minutes - Cook Time:  8 minutes - Total Time:  18 minutes
Yield: 8 servings
- 8 Large Egg Yolks at room temperature
- 3/4 cup Sweet Marsala Wine
- 1/2 cup Sugar
- 1 cup Heavy Cream, whipped with soft peaks
- Sea Salt (Vanilla Bean or Sel Gris)
- 2 cups Fresh Berries
  1. Put the egg yolks, Marsala, sugar, and sugar shaker into a large stainless steel bowl. Set the bowl over a large saucepan filled with 1 inch of simmering water (homemade double boiler).
  2. Whisk the egg yolk mixture until it is hot and the mixture forms a ribbon texture when the whisk is lifted, 5 to 8 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and whisk to cool slightly. Once cooled, fold in whipping cream to cold mixture.
  4. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve over fruit. Finish with a sprinkle of Vanilla Bean Sea Salt and a garnish of fruit. Enjoy!

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