BLT Deviled Eggs - Recipe Kit


This Recipe Inspired Gift includes: 

  • 100 ml Prosecco Italian White Wine Vinegar: An Italian sparkling wine, similar to champagne, creates this lovely white wine vinegar from Italy. 
  • 100 ml Avocado Oil (Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed): Notice the dark green, emerald color of this beautiful, high quality oil unlike most refined avocado oils people are used to seeing that are clear and flavorless. This cold pressed, extra virgin oil is pressed from fresh avocados without the use of any chemicals or heat, meaning more of that avocado superpower nutritional benefits are retained for your consumption. 
  • Smokey Bacon Sea Salt: Bacon lovers rejoice! You can now enjoy the amazing flavor of savory, salty bacon on everything without even having to cook. 
  • Sel Gris Sea Salt: Harvested on the Brittney Coast of France using century-old methods, this sea salt has a naturally great flavor and low sodium than ordinary table salt. 
  • Three Recipe Cards: BLT Deviled Eggs, Prosecco Whole Grain Mustard & Avocado Oil Mayonnaise.

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