Strozzapreti Organic Neapolitian Pasta - 1.1lbs

Strozzapreti or "Priest Stranglers" are a slightly twisted double strand of short thick "spaghetti". They can be served with any sauce including tomato sauces with seafood, or cheese sauces. 

Made from 100% high-quality Senatore Cappelli Italian semolina wheat, this organic pasta has been made by the Zampino family in Campania for generations using traditional methods. Made on traditional bronze dies ensures quality sauce adhesion. The slow drying technique, taking 3-4 days, makes this pasta retain the nutrition values of the high quality wheat giving it a "fresh made" texture and taste.

Strozzapreti cooks up into a very hearty pasta, generally serving 6-8 people per lb of pasta. Great served with meat sauce or simply tossed with our Caramelized Garlic Olive Oil, Parmesan Asiago Dipper, and grilled chicken. 

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