Cuban Twist - Recipe Gift Kit

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Transport your taste buds to Havana with Olivelle’s new Cuban Twist products. These recipes are inspired by traditional Cuban and Cuban-American food found in Southern Florida. Thirteen new recipes, plus a bonus online exclusive recipe, focuses on the citrus flavors of Cuban food. Just in time for summer, you’ll love the fresh, zesty, and bright flavors of these dishes using our new Key Lime Infused Olive Oil, Mojito White Barrel Aged Balsamic, and Mojo Citrus Seasoning Salt. Enjoy recipes like a Mojito Spritz, Rice and Beans, Mojo Pork Shoulder, and Mojito Dessert Bars.

This recipe kit includes: 

  • Key Lime Infused Olive Oil
  • Mojito White Barrel Aged Balsamic 
  • Mojo Citrus Seasoning Salt
  • Optional: Spice Grinder
  • Cuban Twist Recipe Book - 13 NEW recipes
  • Olivelle Gift Box 

What's Included

Key Lime Infused Olive OilFeel like you’re biting into a fresh key lime with our sweet and bright Key Lime Infused Olive Oil! This olive oil is excellent for marinating chicken, pork, and fish, drizzling over veggies before roasting, or using when making a variety of Latin-American and Southeast Asian dishes!

Mojito White Barrel Aged Balsamic: Take your taste buds on a beach vacation anytime you use our Mojito White Barrel Aged Balsamic! The perfect combination of sweet rum, fresh mint, and zesty lime adds a fresh flare to your dishes. Drizzle into cocktails, marinate pork or chicken, and create bright dressings to dress green salads, grain bowls, or just fresh fruit!

Mojo Citrus Seasoning Salt: This Mojo Citrus Seasoning Salt blends Kosher Flake Sea Salt, Black Peppercorns, Lemon & Orange Peel, Chives, Mexican Oregano, Cumin Seeds, and Onion for a zesty, bright, and savory seasoning. Use to brine pork and chicken, season fish, veggies, beans and rice, or finish fresh salads!

Spice GrinderSimply twist & grind this high end ceramic mill for fantastic flavors and high quality results. Make easy work of grinding salt, pepper, and spices for fresh flavor at home! This glass grinder has a durable ceramic mill with adjustable grind size. 

Pkg. & Size

Packaging: Products are gift wrapped in an Olivelle gift box. 

Size: Key Lime Infused Olive Oil (100ml or 250ml), Mojito White Barrel Aged Balsamic (100ml or 250ml), Mojo Citrus Seasoning Salt (3.52 oz), Spice Grinder (3oz capacity). 


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