Lemon & Black Pepper Linguine - 8.8oz

This delicate linguine really delivers with the lemon and pepper flavors but does not overwhelm the pasta. Added high-fiber wheat germ lends a slightly nutty flavor ad boots the nutritional value. An intense wheat aroma is released during cooking and the water turns slightly green because of the presence of fresh wheat germ that gives the pasta an extraordinary and unmistakable flavor.

How it's Made: This pasta is kneaded slowly and dried at low temperature to keep intact the organoleptic properties. One of our specialies is the pasta with wheat germ. Using our artisinal techniques we process the fresh wheat germ, immediately, when still fresh. 

How to Enjoy: It's great with light sauces and fish (don't forget the capers), or just on its own with an olive oil and parmesan. 

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