Orecchiette with Brown Butter, Sage, & Mushroom - Recipe Gift Kit

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Nutty and sweet brown butter paired with sage makes our mouths water! Enjoy this caramelized-umami dish that is so full of flavor you'll think it took you hours to make. The "little years" pasta catches the saucy butter and mushrooms s every bite you take is heaven!

This recipe kit includes: 

  • Barrel Aged Dark Balsamic Vinegar
  • Onion & Spice Dipper
  • Orecchiette Pasta 
  • Pasta Rock
  • The Art of Pasta Recipe Booklet 
  • Olivelle Gift Box

Orecchiette with Brown Butter, Sage, & Mushroom Recipe

What's Included 

Barrel Aged Dark Balsamic Vinegar (100ml or 250ml): This barrel aged balsamic is a rich blend of 80% cooked grape must and premium aged wine vinegar, blended in perfect harmony and then aged up to 10 years in small oak casks.

Onion & Spice Dipper and Seasoning: This mix of onion, garlic and herbs is a favorite for dipping but also perfect for seasoning everything from scrambled eggs and chicken to pasta and bread.

Orecchiette Pasta: Meaning “Little ear” Orecchiette is a pasta with origins rooted in Puglia in Southern Italy. This pulled pasta shape offers a hollow spot perfect to catch meat and veggies. This pasta is traditionally served with meat such as pork and vegetables including broccoli and turnips.

Pasta Rocks: The perfect solution to salting pasta water! Many people don't realize how important properly salted water is to their finished dish and this takes the guesswork out of that task, plus you get the naturally occurring trace minerals

Orecchiette with Brown Butter, Sage, & Mushroom

Pkg. & Size

Packaging: All products are gift wrapped in an Olivelle Gift Box

Size: Barrel Aged Dark Balsamic Vinegar (100ml or 250ml), Onion & Spice Dipper (3oz), Orecchiette Pasta (17.6oz), Pasta Rock (6.34oz).


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