Pan Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce - Recipe Kit

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Impress your dinner guests with this savory chicken dish! Our Black Garlic Shiitake Rub is the not so secret ingredient in this recipe that adds an unbeatable depth of flavor. This will become a weeknight staple in your cooking rotation for sure. 

This recipe kit includes:

  • Black Garlic Shiitake Rub 1.76oz container : Savory fans rejoice! The fermented black garlic and shiitake mushrooms combined in this rub creates an "umami" explosion of flavor for your cooking.  
  • Roasted Shallot Olive Oil : Make this your secret weapon in the kitchen to cut down on prep time but add exceptional flavor to your meals. Roasted Shallot oil adds an intense irresistible savory flavor to everything from Vietnamese salads to American roasted potatoes.
  • Black Garlic Sea Salt 2.6oz glass pinch jar :Prepare to be amazed! This blend of premium quality, hand harvested, French grey sea salt and black garlic powder will quickly become your go-to seasoning, creating a truly wowing flavor experience.

    What is Black Garlic? This beauty is made by fermenting fresh garlic at high temperatures over time to produce a slightly wrinkled black clove with a deliciously satisfying umami flavor (the flavor that makes the back corners of your mouth water.) Notice the with sweet hints of balsamic and tamarind with a mellow garlic flavor.

    Black Garlic, in combination with sea salt makes this seasoning a versatile favorite.  

Pan Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe

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