Tangerine Chili Chicken Skewers - Recipe Gift Kit

Choose your style! Chili or lime?

Try these chicken skewers two ways to please those that like heat - by using the Vera Cruz Chili Oil or those that like it mild- by using the Tahitian Lime Olive Oil! Bright and sweet tangerine balsamic vinegar pairs with the smoky and slightly spicy flavors of our sweet smoked chili rub. This chicken is easy but so flavorful it will make your friends and family come back for seconds!

This recipe kit includes

  • Choose your flavor
             100ml Vera Cruz Chili Olive Oil OilHave fun with the spicy and smoky aromas of this premium quality extra virgin olive oil that perfectly balances heat and flavor.
             100ml Tahitian Lime Infused Olive OilSavor the delicate, sparkling flavor of zesty limes in this premium quality, slightly sweet extra virgin olive with a gentle, peppery finish.
  • 100ml Tangy Tangerine Balsamic VinegarA burst of sunshine! Like picking a fresh, juicy tangerine right off the tree, this perfectly balanced vinegar is sweet, tangy and addicting. 
  • Sweet Smoked Chili RubDiscover the perfectly balanced, sweet, smokey, slightly spicy flavors of Olivelle's exclusive Sweet Smoked Chili Rub. Our go-to seasoning for creating flavorful taco meat, grilling or braising pork, and seasoning shrimp or chicken. 
  • Lime Fresco Sea SaltHand harvested sea salt combines with zesty lime to create a refreshing and versatile compliment to margaritas, chicken, fish, rice, vegetables and salads.
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