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Family Business

My mom and I started our company in 2006 with the idea of bringing high quality, healthy ingredients to our hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Cooking had always been a favorite pastime of ours but it wasn't until a neighbor friend was diagnosed with cancer that we started researching and understanding the values of good fat vs. bad fat and real food vs. fake food. It was with this new understanding that we found our passion for high quality olive oil and vinegar. We were amazed at how much flavor we could add to food while keeping it healthy and most importantly, real! We knew that others were craving the same quality that we were seeking out ourselves, and Olivelle was born.

Teach how to fish

In 2008, after continual demand from customers, we realized that "offering the fish" wasn't enough, we had to teach people new skills and inspire with new flavors and in 2008 we added a demo kitchen to our shop with the intention of teaching 2-3 cooking classes a month. The classes were a huge hit and now we offer 3-4 per week ranging in menus from Oil & Vinegar 101 to Cooking with Booze. Be warned, these classes fill up very quickly so reserve your seat as soon as you see something that interests you.

a need for quality

We were insistent on offering our guests only the highest quality products and after having a few sourcing issues started playing around in our own kitchen. After lots of research and experimentation we started offering a few of our own products.


Customers started asking us to help them open their own retail stores and in 2011, we opened our first "sister store" in Billings, Montana. Our concept has been growing ever since and today we have a network of independent retailers across the country that carry our line of on-tap oils & vinegars, spices, gifts and more.

We strive to build relationships with family run, quality producers across the globe that focus on quality over quantity when sourcing our ingredients. Currently we produce over 100 different oils, vinegars, herb blends, and gift set items in our local Bozeman manufacturing facility, providing jobs and guaranteeing the quality we have come to expect. 

Become an Olivelle insider!

Become an Olivelle Insider!

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