Sriracha Flake Sea Salt
Sriracha Flake Sea Salt

Sriracha Flake Sea Salt

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Laurel R.
love the infused olive oils

A friend gave me a gift of lemon infused olive oil and a balsamic a few years ago. I love this oil so much. I use it on pasta with a little salt and pepper and nothing else. I used the oil and balsamic on salads--nothing else needed. I have been ordering ever since and I've branched out to different infused oils and blasamics. I haven't had one yet that I didn't love! I now gift these to others who also love them!

Stephanie L.
Tasty and spicy

Works good on popcorn too!

Anita M.
Tasty on fish

Used this along with hatch Chile oil on tilapia. Very tasty.

Robert C.
Top notch service means not sending stuff we didn’t order to replace what we did order

We do love the infused sea salt but that’s not what you sent us. You sent us flake sea salt which is at best not half what I ordered was.

Not real happy with you guys. Didn’t even tell we the infused sea salt was replaced just sent the new ones now I’m stuck with 5 of something I didn’t want.

Radiant M.

Love it so much. I Use it on so many things